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Beware: These Food Combinations Are Bad For Your Health

Gastronomy lovers or ordinary consumers, we sometimes make mixtures of certain foods. Sometimes we do it just out of curiosity, envy or culture. We often do not know the impact that some recipes can have on the body. Here is a selection of common food combinations that we do not know the consequences on our health.

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Pasta and tomatoes

Tomato is an acidic food that should not be mixed with pasta. Because of their acidity, tomatoes can cause problems when ingested along with starchy carbohydrates. Mixed with rice or sweet potatoes, you risk indigestion and gastro-oesophageal reflux.

Milk and tea

A common practice at breakfast, coffee is tea mixed with milk. This mixture is to be banned from your eating habits. Indeed, milk is a digestive killer that undermines the various healing benefits of tea. Prefer rather simple milk or if you really want to add something good to your tea, press a little lemon instead.


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