Bestiality! Guyanese Farmer Arrested For ‘Sleeping With A Cow’


Authorities in the Caribbean nation of Guyana on Monday apprehended a 57-year-old farmer after he was caught having sex with a cow, Guyana Chronicle reported. After his arrest, the suspect told investigators that besides committing the bestial act on the cow, he had also had sex with four other calves.


The farmer, a resident of Essequibo Coast, was reportedly caught committing the act by other cattle farmers. He was subsequently reported to the police. During interrogation, the farmer told investigators he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and a doctor advised him to have sex with animals for healing.



Authorities are investigating the incident and the suspect is expected to be arraigned before a court this week.


In 2014, a Nigerian man was arrested for allegedly having sex with a goat in a forest. Malam Kamisu Baranda, 20, said he asked the animal’s permission first.

Years before that, a South African man was found having sex with his neighbor’s goat at a village in Limpopo.


Humans having sex with animals is called bestiality. It is used interchangeably with zoophilia, people who have a desire to form sexual relationships with animals. Cows, dogs, donkeys, sheep, and even chickens are the most common animals involved.

In a recent study, people who have sex with animals said they do so largely because of the smell and appearance of the genitals of the animals. According to the study’s authors, “the more wet, hairy, and smelly, the more attractive the animal is for zoosexuals.”


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