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Best Of Africa As Malawian Undergraduate Designs Sensory Walking Stick For The Visually Impaired


Decades back, Africa once was in the lower rung when considering tech and development, however after some time, the mainland has slowly and relentlessly become the home of a portion of the world’s best tech progression and advancements with nations like Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and South Africa leading the pack.

Early this month, last year undergraduates of the University of Livingstonia in Malawi stood out as truly newsworthy for the formation of a tangible strolling stick for the visually impaired. The stick is conceived to help outwardly debilitated people to move around easily by distinguishing deterrents in their way when they are strolling.

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While it is quite easy for people to move around and identify objects around them, visually impaired people often interact with their environment with great difficulty, often dependent on the help of others. Dubbed the Smart Stick, the Malawian innovation can detect moisture, distance and light and will help the visually impaired move about without the help of others, availing them increased independence and autonomy.

“This is a breakthrough for blind people. They will no longer struggle to walk on their own as the stick will guide them wherever they go,” Tikhala Mwale, one of the student innovators, said. “We devised this stick in such a way that it uses three feelings of moisture, distance and light which enables them to automatically receive audio directions whenever they are walking even at night,” he said.

For ease of use and operation, the Smart Stick is designed to use cell batteries, which are readily available and affordable. Although it was only just unveiled at a conference and is yet to be made commercially available, the Smart Stick has been praised as one innovation that would especially help visually impaired students.

“The industry needs graduates who are valuable and ready to give solutions …


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