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Best Of Africa- Africans Furious As Chinese Museum Compares Animals With Black Skin

A Chinese gallery was compelled to expel a display contrasting Africans with creatures when faultfinders brought up how “incredibly hostile” it was. The Exhibition displayed photography in a segment named “This Is Africa”, which compared pictures of wild African creatures with dark African individuals, which caused a mayhem for its supremacist meanings.

A Chinese Exhibit displayed photography in a segment named “This Is Africa”, which compared pictures of wild African creatures with dark African individuals, that caused a mayhem for its essences.

The Hubei Provincial Museum in Wuhan included one next to the other photos from picture taker Yu Huiping of creatures and individuals showing comparable articulations. One sets incorporated a young man and a crying chimpanzee, each shot with their mouths agape while another set matched a man and a lion, both grinding their teeth.

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The section’s pictures which were apparently meant to celebrate the harmony between man and nature were taken down after massive complaints the exhibit’s curator said in a statement. African students studying in China complained to their university deans while others petitioned their embassies, according to students and professionals in these circles.

Mr. Yu, who is an award-winning photographer and vice chairman of the Hubei Photographers Association and has visited Africa more than 20 times where he got the material for his exhibition, has so far not commented on the backlash.

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A curator at the exhibit, Wang Yuejun, said the decision to hang the photos of people and animals together was his own idea, and not that of Mr. Yu. “The target of the exhibition is mainly a Chinese audience,” Mr. Wang said in a statement, adding that comparisons between people and animals are common in China and often a compliment. Mr. Wang said many Chinese people relate to their animal familiars assigned by the Chinese zodiac and “in Chinese proverbs, animals are always used for admiration and compliment.”

Once it was brought to his attention, Mr. Wang said, that “putting the photos of African tribes people and animals together hurt the feelings of the African tribes people,” and to “show respect for our African friends’ opinions,” the offending pictures were removed.

1. WeChat, China’s most popular mobile messaging app, apologized that its translation software was rendering the Chinese words for “hei laowai”, or “black foreigner,” into English was “nigger.”

2. In 2016 the makers of Qiaobi laundry detergent were criticized for an advertisement that depicted a black man being washed with the product, only to turn into a light-skinned Chinese man.

3. In 2015, promotional posters in China for the film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” depicted John Boyega, a black British actor, smaller than he appeared on similar posters in other countries.

4. Over the summer China’s state news agency published a video during a border standoff with India featuring an offensive parody of a Sikh man, complete with a turban and fake beard


This underlying response and additionally the remarks by the keeper Wang Yuejun demonstrate that despite the fact that the photograph presentation was expelled the racial suggestions for why the display was bigot in any case might not have been caught on. This must be that racial cases, for example, these will sadly keep on occurring.


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