Best Nightclubs, Bars & Lounges In Tunisia

Whether you are a young visitor seeking a thriving nightclub, or travelling with your partner and looking to sample something a little quieter, here are some of the best establishments in the region to get you going.

Tej Marhaba Hotel


Hotels can provide some of the best nightlife and it would be fair to say that the Tej Marhaba establishment is one of the best examples.

It’s not your standard “nightclub”, but rather something that provides cultural experience for the visiting tourist. There are various programs on throughout the week and with belly dancers and other such shows available – it all makes for a great night’s fun.

While dancing tends to form part of the shows, Tej Marhaba is not advertised in the form of a nightclub. Instead, it’s all about showing tourists how to have fun the Tunisian way!


Hotel El Hana Beach

Hotel El Hana Beach sousse tunisia

Traditional Tunisia is on the menu and visitors will be subject to countless shows through the course of the week. Some may revolve around stuntmen attempting to balance umpteen objects on their body, while others might be the more traditional belly dancer.

Again, it’s about sampling the Tunisian evening culture and many foreign visitors return from such shows absolutely delighted.


Bora Bora

Bora Bora sousse tunisia

Of course, while shows will appeal to some people, others may just want to hit the nightclubs and party like they do at home. This is where Bora Bora comes into the picture – with this arguably being Sousse’s most popular nightclub.

The fact that this is an outdoor club says that it’s by no means anything like what you’d get at home. This just adds to the overall charm though and with the surroundings basking in trees, you’re not completely out in the open so to speak.

In fact, one could pen a whole book on the overall design of this place – it’s something which you would never expect to find in Tunisia.

The bar is rounded and transforms into a stage later at night. While we have spoken about impressive forms of evening entertainment already, the Bora Bora experience will allow you to witness everything from fire dancers to acrobats. The fact that shows don’t usually start until at least 1am gives some idea on how late your night can get at the club – don’t expect to be home until well after 4am anyway.

If you’re looking to meet the locals, this probably isn’t the place for you. As you may have already gathered, it’s largely targeted at Westerners who just revel in the unique surroundings.

It’s also worth mentioning that as some of the most famous DJs from around the world visit Bora Bora, it does tend to attract a lot of people. As such, if you’re looking for a table, it’s advisable to book beforehand. Like most establishments in Tunisia, the booking fee will also entitle you to a bottle of spirits which can work out much cheaper than buying individual drinks anyway.



Platinum Metallica

Platinum Metallica sousse tunisia

While Bora Bora is one of the most popular nightclubs in Sousse, it’s by no means the place to visit if you want to mingle with the locals.

Instead, if this is your aim, we’d recommend a trip to Platinum Metallica. As the name may give away, this is another nightclub in the truest sense and one which will have you dancing long into the night.

As well as appealing to plenty of locals, it’s also worth mentioning that it’s one of the more casual establishments around. In other words, don’t bother dressing up extravagantly – there really is little dress code enforced.

Of course, even though casual might be Metalika’s thing, it’s by no means a run-down place that most people will be looking to avoid. On the contrary, it serves some fantastic cocktails and welcomes some of the big DJs. The only difference is the clientele – who are more likely to be residents.

Red Iguana

Red Iguana sousse tunisia

It’s not quite as popular as the previous two nightclubs that we have discussed, but there’s no doubt that Red Iguana is worthy of a mention on our list. While it might officially be classed as a disco and pub – it acts much more like the former. In other words, be prepared for wild dancing and late nights – this club doesn’t close until the early hours.

We should also add a special mention in regards to the music, which is always lauded by past visitors.

Additionally, while the international events perhaps aren’t as common as Bora Bora, there are still countless famous DJs that head here so keep your eyes peeled for special nights.

Living Sousse

Living Sousse sousse tunisia

The final real nightclub on the list comes in the form of Living. This is one of the oldest in the area yet still boasts one of the most sophisticated interiors which will no doubt appeal to a large number of visitors.

Open until 4am, Living is another which you can well and truly dance your night away. It can get particularly busy on the big evenings, with some nights hosting international DJs. However, most of the time the nights are made by various local DJs.

The Saloon

The Saloon sousse tunisia

So far, we’ve looked at hotel entertainment and some of the largest nightclubs in Sousse. Our final suggestion comes in the form of something in-between, with The Saloon being a smaller venue but one that still boasts a terrific reputation.

Due to its size, it can get a little crowded as midnight approaches. Nevertheless, one could argue that this adds to its atmosphere.

The establishment is split into two levels, with the main disco taking place downstairs. Some have described the upper level as more of a cowboy-themed restaurant – with food being served and live music, usually involving a guitar, being played.

In other words, after dining in a somewhat-tranquil setting, you can dance your night away just one level downwards.


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