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Believe It or Not! Frozen Lemons Allow You To Definitively Get Rid Of Diabetes, Tumors And Overweight!!


Lemons contain antioxidants that can help in the treatment of many health problems. However, lemon juice will not provide the maximum benefits of lemon. For this reason, it would be best to freeze the whole lemons because the skin also contains the best things. The skin has the power to boost the immune system, normalize cholesterol levels, and prevent the development of cancer. In addition, it provides antimicrobial effects and prevents infections caused by fungi, bacteria, and parasites.
Benefits of lemon for health:

* Prevents symptoms of asthma.

* Stimulates immunity;

* Treats inflammation

* Reduces risk of stroke

* Prevents cancer

* Cleans the kidneys and liver

* Prevents and treats stress and depression

* Very effective against bacteria.Citrons against cancer

According to the latest scientific research, lemon zest can provide great nutrients. They have great potential in the destruction and disposal of toxic waste from the body. For this reason, many studies recommend the use of lemon zest to strengthen the fight against cancer ….
During the 1970s, more than 20 laboratory tests were carried out on lemon zest. Experts have shown that frozen lemons can destroy malignant cells in 12 types of cancer namely the pancreas, lung, prostate, breast and colon. Frozen lemons are even more powerful than chemotherapy to destroy cancer. More,



Get the best out of lemons

The lemon skin contains 5 to 10 times more vitamins than the juice. According to a nutritionist and expert in women’s health, Dr. Marilyn Glenville, these peels can provide good overall health benefits because most antioxidants are included in the skin or lemon marrow rather than pulp . However, the bitter taste of citrus fruit pushes people not to be so interested in this real nutrition bomb. In this article, we will propose a recipe that will give you the maximum benefits of lemons without tasting their bitter flavor.

* Wash and disinfect lemons with baking soda or apple cider vinegar

* Rinse with water and dry with a dry towel

* Place the lemons in the freezer and let them overnight

* When fully frozen, grate whole lemons including seeds, pulp and zest

* Place grated lemon in ice cube trays and store in a freezer. Use the cubes whenever you want.

Frozen lemons will give your dishes a stronger flavor. You can add them in your soups, salads, yogurts, pasta sauces, juice, tea, baked goods, and homemade ice cream.


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