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“Being Black Is Worse Than Being A Terrorist” – NBA Star, Rajon Rondo Reveals!!

Rajon Rondo has taken to respond to the last cases of police violence against a black man.

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A new episode of police violence against a black man shakes again the United States. This time, the victim, Terence Crutcher was shot dead by police while returning to his vehicle in Oklahoma and that while the man was unarmed and was just one problem with his car .

But Terrence Crutcher looked like “a bad guy” as agents aboard a helicopter and, after returning to his vehicle hands in the air, approached the driver’s door, a police officer responding by deploying its teaser while his colleague, Betty Shelby, opened fire.

This new cases of police violence did not fail to react. So Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate for the next presidential elections. ” Another unarmed black man was killed during a police blunder. That should be intolerable. We have a lot of work,” she has tweeted.

Many athletes also reacted overseas. Including several NBA stars. “Enough is enough”, has indeed commented Chris Paul while Dwyane Wade called the black community to remain strong and united. But the most noticed message was that of Rajon Rondo , who arrived this summer in Chicago .

“Tell me how an unarmed black man whose car had broken down and needed help has been shot dead by police officers while the man suspected of planting bombs in New York and in the New Jersey and who shot the police has been apprehended alive? I think that being black is worse than being a terrorist. Even with hands in the air, without weapons and when you need help, black still be a crime, “ thus wrote the all-star point guard on her Instagram account.


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