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Behold, The 8 Types Of Sleepers We’ve All Come Across In Our Daily Lives

If you’ve had a roommate before or slept at a friend’s place before, then you can totally relate to most of these types of sleepers.

1. The Wood Dead Sleeper

These are the type of sleepers even the noise from a stadium can’t wake them up. They go wood dead when they sleep and there is no way you can wake them up no matter how hard you try unless you drown them.

trotro sleeping


2. The Un-proportional Sleeper

These types of sleepers sleep in unimaginable positions. Their hands can be up with their head on their butt and their legs facing south.

Sleeping Cartoon Boy Meme

Image: NnekaOtika/Twitter


3. The Snoring Sleeper

Basically, we all snore from time to time when we sleep, especially when we are really tired but there are some sleepers who can really snore. When they do, you can even hear them across the street.

Image: SleepLovetoKnow

Image: SleepLovetoKnow


4. The Fart Sleeper

Ok! So these are the type of sleepers who seem to bottle all the gas in the world in the day and decide to release them all at once while they sleep. They fart non-stop in their sleep.

face looks disgust



5. The Difficult To Wake Sleeper

This type is not the same as the wood dead sleeper because when you wake these up, they actually wake up, walk out and you find them sleeping somewhere else. You wake them up again, they seem normal, walk to the bathroom to go take their shower and you find them sleeping in the shower. They just can’t wake up out right.

Nigerian Police sleeping


6. The Everywhere Sleeper

These are the type of sleepers who always wake up and their bed sheet is not on the bed anymore. They sleep everywhere on the bed, tossing and turning. One time they are squatting on the bed, you later find them sprawled on the bed, rolling and tossing everywhere.



7. The Talker Sleeper

These are the type of sleepers who can actually tell you a whole story while sleeping.

Image: NdaniTV/YouTube

Image: NdaniTV/YouTube


8. The Hugger Sleeper

This type can’t sleep without holding you tight and mostly they are not even aware of what they doing. They always want to squeeze you into their bosom.



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