Before Grace Mugabe There Was Oppah Muchinguri [Details Inside]


Oppah Muchinguri is not well known outside Zimbabwe but inside Zimbabwe, Oppah is a high profile politician.

Like the better known Grace Marufu Mugabe, she too was Presidential Secretary and she too is alleged to have had a child with her boss the President Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

She too had her marriage break up as an irate husband could not take it any more sharing his wife with the President.

Oppah is said to be a seductress, she apparently if she puts her mind to it get any man she wants and like Grace has been alleged to have been unfaithful to her illustrious boyfriend.

Oppah Muchinguri was born in the border town of Mutare in 1958 and went to school at a mission secondary school 30 kilometers outside Mutare.

One night in 1976, ZANLA guerrillas came to the school and recruited a large group of teenagers by force and marched them over the border into Mozambique. Oppah was one of them.

Oppah was a very good looking young girl of 17 at the time and after military training, she was sent to be trained as a secretary and thereafter worked at ZANU HQ in Maputo.

There is a seamy side to the liberation struggle of Zimbabwe which was once examined in a film called Flame. Sexual abuse was rife and pretty recruits were reserved for the Chiefs.

Fay Chung tells a story where she had to take her son for treatment at the camp clinic. When she walked there she was surprised to find no one around. When she searched the clinic she found the nurses hiding under patients beds.

The nurses explained that when they heard Fay’s footsteps they had thought maybe one of Chiefs had come. On one previous occasion, the nurses had been rounded up and taken to entertain the chefs and they were under the impression that was what was going to happen when they heard her footsteps. Fay realized she was wearing military boots !!!

Oppah Muchinguri was assigned to Headquarters in Maputo. There she worked as a secretary but was also notorious for being rather generous with her favours. The military commander Tongogara made her his permanent ”war wife”. In 1979 the liberation war was won. The white government gave up and negotiated an independence deal.Oppah’s boss, Tongogara, died in a car crash and she was in the car with him when he died but she survived.


After Independence Oppah became Secretary to the Prime Minister in 1981 and worked at State House closely with Mugabe. It is around this time it is alleged she began an affair with Mugabe.

She was elevated to a Deputy Minister, then Provincial Governor and finally Minister. Not bad for a woman with only O Levels to her name !!! Then all hell broke loose. Oppah had gotten married to businessman Tapewa Rushesha. Meanwhile she had continued her affair with Mugabe,

Her husband sued for divorce and in court cited Oppah’s adultery with the President, claiming she would be picked up at any time of day for so-called meetings with the President.

Her husband got his divorce and disappeared and showed up in Botswana where he resides to this day and operates a string of businesses.

However, another woman was fuming over all this. Grace Mugabe had thought she was alone in being a side chick only to discover the Oppah affair. The battle was on. Grace won in that she got married to Mugabe but it seems Mugabe continued seeing Oppah.

Grace on one occasion physically attacked Oppah on a Presidential plane. Stunned bodyguards were treated to a crazy catfight. Why ? Oppah was wearing earrings given to her as a gift by the President. Grace apparently recognised the ear rings and decided to remove them from Oppah’s ears !!!

Oppah has a daughter aged 29 called Tanya Rushesha. She is quite a good looking young woman although a bit chubby. However, people have remarked on how much she looks like Robert Mugabe. Bona Mugabe, Robert’s daughter with Grace. Bona is is nearly the same age and is 27. AS both were born when Sally Mugabe was still alive, It can be safely assumed if Mugabe is the father of these two young women, then Mugabe was cheating on his wife with not one but two women.

Tanya Rushesha is probably the wealthiest woman under 30 in Zimbabwe. As a 21st birthday present, she recieved a gift of a pilot training school whic his also an air charter firm. She also owns a microfinance company and has a mine as well. In short Tanya is not short of cash.

Where is the source of all this bounty ? It is alleged Tanya is Robert Mugabe’s daughter.

In the battle between La Coste (Mnangagwa) and G40 (grace Mugabe) Oppah is La Coste.

In the purge which has triggered the political drama, Grace did not spare Oppah Muchinguri. She too was like Mnangagwa, fired from her job and expelled from ZANU-PF.

So there you have it, before Gucci Grace there was Sexy Oppah !!!


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