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Because Of The Lack Of Men, Iceland Gives $5,000 Per Month To Immigrants Who Marry Icelandic Women!

Breaking news about Iceland country incredible but true if you are interested read the full story Iceland team was able to achieve an unprecedented achievement in the European after sending England packing Iceland will hope to spring an even more dramatic surprise on one of Europe’s footballing superpowers in the quarter finals as they take on hosts France.
Thanks to this win, Iceland became a place of world attention and deliberated some news sites a number of amusing news related to this
As the number of population of the country and its customs and traditionsPerhaps the most prominent of our attention the story that it’s because of the high proportion of females than males have resorted government of that country to the solution is to grant $5,000 per month per immigrant marries Icelandic, and that the priority in this resolution will go to North Africa’s population.

This story has been debunked! It is false. Admin

Here’s the link to the update where the Icelandic government dissociated self from the widely spread false news; 



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  1. Please i am interested in ICELAND, if you can help me i will like to come and do my degree there, marry and work with you over there. Thanks

  2. I am a 40years old Nigerian who is passionately interested in the Icelandic babes if only I can be given the opportunity, thanks.

  3. Hi my name is Sachin .I am from India and I am interested in this offer which will help me . So,please I am waiting for the revert . Thank you!!!

  4. Anyone who believed this bullshit has a low I.Q. Lol… what first word country would treat women like cattle? None. I hope the author of this crap was fired. Only an idiot would believe you can get a human from a government. Humans aren’t property. Men are so dumb. If you can get to America… AND get your green card, or citizenship… you can qualify for an allowance to live in Alaska, but there’s no humans involved… no marriage, just you. You have to live there for a year before you see the money, but that’s just to prove you want to stay, and can tolerate the wilderness, snow, lack of sunlight etc… I heard Russia is offering free land in the east too. I don’t know if that’s true, but you can look if you want to.

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