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‘Beauty Nature’: A Reality Show About the Natural Beauty of African Women

The beauty of the African woman will once again be celebrated soon on small screens. “Beauty nature” is the name of this reality show that is being prepared in Lomé. This initiative comes from the PrestigeCom Company which would like to promote the feminine beauty of the black continent and the focus is on the fight against depigmentation.

The African woman must be proud of her skin. She does not need to depigment herself to value herself to believe the initiators. “We want to emphasize the importance of keeping your skin natural. Either ebony or clear, the African woman must recognize herself as such instead of seeking at all costs to clear it to be fashionable. We want to bring this fashion, the preservation of its skin as we inherited it. Today, many people know that there are several disadvantages of depigmentation, so we want to raise awareness through small screens, “ said Wellda Akue, marketing manager at PrestigeCom.


Beauty Nature for the moment is at the casting stage. The first casting that took place a week ago allowed to retain 6 girls. A second is scheduled to take place March 31 in a hotel in Lome to retain the other 6. In all, they will be 12 to undergo the tests on the program.

“We have a jury of specialists. Beautician, dermatologist among others. But beyond the skin during the competition we will focus on the qualities we know of the African woman including, hospitality, cooking, gait and elegance “  added, the manager

At the end of this contest, a girl will be sacred ” miss beauty nature ”. She will be an ambassador in the promotion of the natural skin and the conservation of the recognized achievements specific to the African woman.


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