BEAUTY!! African Braid Hairstyle – ‘Afro Hair Braids & The Additions’

Did you know that the braid is one of the oldest hairstyles in the world? It used to kings and warriors wore black to show their greatness and fame. Today, African braid follows a trend that is not ready to go out. Whether to beautify the look of the ladies or to bring originality to these gentlemen, it is all the rage. And it would be a shame not to enjoy.

African braid for little girl

The warm weather arrives and your little girl does not know what to do with her hair. To change the traditional ponytail, draw African braids ideas views on Pinterest these days. On the side, height, with elastic, short or long, African braids discover 25 beautiful braids to perform at home …

Reverse African braid

Spotted on the catwalk this season, this hairstyle boosts the traditional braid into a real chic and feminine hairstyle. Become a real attachment, it sublimates the neck and head carriage.In finishing, the choice is by placing your hair on top of head into a shell rock, giving them a veneer effect … Fabien Provost Artistic Director Franck Provost, shares her pro tips to easily achieve this hairstyle .

Hairstyle picture braid

braid hairstyle tutorial

What I wear in the video of this hair braid tutorial:
* T-shirt Camaïeu
* Bracelet Gofavor

You’ll find it easier to achieve the African braid the day after your shampoo, or two days après.J’achète transparent elastic at Claire’s, but you can also find in supermarkets.

African Braids

how to make mats glued reversed?

African braid, bonded mat, inverted French braid, braid dutch … The names are different, but they all refer to the same hairstyle: hair braided on the embossed skull! Once the capillary lexical point cleared up, up to practice. Find out how an African braid some steps to integrate your hairstyles.


Extensions or additions braids – Extensions

I show one of the methods I use to braid my hair with additions

Bits “X-Pressure”; they are very soft to the touch and appearance is not quite smooth

Color “4”, a dark brown that I find very beautiful, and that changes from black when you do not want to put strands of colorful …

I used 2 packets and some, having cut the wick 3 each time; in thickness that amounts to 6 packets and few.


What is the box braids?

Braiding hair since the beginning of time, as did we found traces of braided hairstyles dating back to prehistoric times! After a dazzling back in the 90s, braids fashion (or rather mats) seems to falter. Made with additions of three strands, the box braids are simply African braids that leave from the scalp to the desired length. Better than the adhesive or extentions clips (in addition to the side “roots” of braids that I like), the locks (synthetic or natural) to “forge” the base of the skull then taking the hair to make the braid.

They can be larger or smaller depending on the desired stylish, but be aware that too small they will damage your hair (especially when they are removed) and too big, they will not hold for long.

Braid Hairstyle Stuck – Alicia Keys

I came across this photo of Bun Hairstyle with braid Netherlands Stuck in the middle worn by Alicia Keys at the American Music Awards 2009. The hairstyle is quite original with the large mat stuck in the middle and smooth edges that join at the back in a low chignon. A little hair in front are matted in once and sent to the side. The taste is still stylish and even avant-garde!Beyonce you who summoned Sasha fierce take in the seed!

Braid crown / African long hair

In this tutorial I show you how hairstyle achieve a beautiful bohemian coifure or braid for every day: I fussioner a reverse way African braid crown with an African braid siren. This hairstyle is ideal for boho chic every day (to go to school / college or at work) but you might as well wear it for a night or at festive events (for parties, wedding etc) be. It is very simple, quick and easy do it yourself (15-20 minutes)


African vanilla braid

Before making the vanilla, it is recommeded to have clean hair well with the cleansing shampoo and well sèchers by adding the pommade.Et peigners to fin.Phase1: draw your natural cheuvex using d a peigne.Phase 2: Take the drill and wrap it 3 times to set well, then you braid your real hair with wicks in three fois.Appliquer frost setting to prevent the hair ends out: Phase 4: wrap the locks in 2 times in total in the well serants rights to the end of the root of the hair.

African wedding hairstyle

There are many African hairstyles and glamorous wedding hairstyles for black women who are stylish and simple to perform.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair are mainly based on conventional buns.
The buns and rolls are popular as wedding hairstyles for those with long hair that is has become a classic. For the black woman wearing braids, there is the possibility to make a braided bun.
Also, you can just leave your large curls falling on your shoulders and add some decorations like a butterfly, lace or flowers in color of your dress.


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