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“Beautiful Women Are Not Good In Bed,” According To Controversial Ghanaian Marriage Counselor!!


The self-proclaimed marriage counselor, Reverend George Lutterodt is known for his sometimes “scandalous” ideas about married life, marriage and s*x. The Ghanaian national councilor made yet another outing on women, which caused controversy in the country.

For this umpteenth release, he attacked the “beautiful women” of which he alone holds the criteria. He states in his communication that “ladies with a beautiful face do not have the sense of erotic things in bed”.  


According to this counselor, “beautiful women” are generally not very enthusiastic in bed. ”  Every man who marries a beautiful woman suffers in bed.” Most women who are beautiful are not romantic in bed  , “he said.

Continuing Lutterodt argues that “Every man who marries a beautiful woman suffers in bed. Just because, women who are beautiful are not good in bed, that’s why every man who cheats on his wife, does it with ugly women  , “Lutterodt told Gatuso on Ghana’s Kasapa FM radio station .

This is not the first time Lutterodt has made such incendiary statements. He had previously explained why no man can satisfy a woman.

When the presenter asked him if his wife is also romantic in bed, Lutterodt said: “Call her and ask her. Perhaps no man can boast after every single blow, it is the woman who can tell how a man is in bed. “


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