BE INSPIRED: Meet The Most Weird Fashion Model, Bald And Toothless, Yet Taking The World By Storm

What do you see when you hear the word fashion model? Obviously you visualize a perfectly chiselled body with no flaws and beauty as per the standards set by the society. But there are many out there who are breaking the norms and proving themselves beautiful with their confidence despite being not at par to the fashion industry standard.

Melanie Gaydos from New York City is rocking the fashion industry and breaking all norms with her

toothless and bald appearance

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It’s unbelievable but true; a girl model has made her place in fashion industry despite the genetic disorder that left her bald, toothless and even partially blind. And the most important point is that she doesn’t wear hair wig or use denture to look so called ‘normal’. She is confident in her natural looks and loves to look ‘different’.


Melanie was born with ectodermal dysplasia a genetic disorder that restricts the normal growth of teeth, nails, pores, cartilage and small bones. She also has alopecia that causes no or very few hairs on body where the normally should be. She is partially blind due to abnormal growth of eyelashes that scratched her eye in her childhood.




Due to her appearance she was always treated as an ill person or someone having a contagious disease. The life was always a tough challenge for her but she knows how to take and win challenges from life. She used hair-wigs and dentures, for quite a few times, maybe to gel with the society’s norms. But she was never happy in that fake appearance. She always felt comfortable in what she really was.



The fashion industry was not waiting to welcome a girl like her. But she made her way through the tough roads. She faced many negative comments and criticism but kept on moving turning a deaf ear to all the negative comments. Now she is appreciated for her view that she is the only one who looks like her and so she deserves a unique position. She turned her weakness into her strength and now she stands out in the crowd.




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