This Girl Suffered Terrible Burns Due To One Object You Also Use Every Single Day!

A worried mother decided to attract the public’s attention to the fact that her daughter suffered third degree burns because of her mobile phone which was charging when the accident occurred. Jackie Fedro lives with her family in Chicago and her daughter Gabby is 13 years old.

Last year, Jackie thought that her daughter is old enough for a mobile phone, so she gave her one as a present for Christmas. However, a week later, Jackie heard a terrible scream coming from Gabby’s room. She quickly ran toward the room, but when she got in, she did not know what happened.


Moreover, she felt helpless since Gabby needed 5 minutes to calm down and say what the problem was. Then, Gabby told that she was using her mobile phone while connected to the charger. Unfortunately, Gabby suffered an electric shock, and the cable she was laying onto, left severe third degree burns and she also has a scar on the neck.

Although these cases are not so frequent, they happen anyway. An explosion occurs when the lithium-Ionian batteries overheat during charging. What’s more, experts advise that we need to avoid putting batteries bought from suspicious vendors in our mobile phones.

In the past year solely, there were several similar cases related to mobile phones and these people also suffered an electric shock, followed by injuries. All in all, Jackie’s mother learned her lesson and bought a new mobile phone for her daughter, but this time from an authorized distributor.

She wants to spread her message around the world that parents need to be aware of all the consequences and dangers coming with the use of mobile phones considering the fact that children use them more and more everyday!


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