Be Aware! Here are 4 Unhealthy Fish You Need to Stop Eating Immediately

It is no surprise that we humans love our fish. We have been eating fish as part of our diet for more than five million years. Today, there are hundreds of different varieties of fish and even more ways to prepare them, making fish nearly irresistible for a seafood connoisseur. But there are some fish that we should all be staying away from.

Here are the four most important to stop eating immediately and the reasons why.

1. Atlantic Flatfish

The group known as Atlantic flatfish include flounder, sole and halibut from the Atlantic. They are not only contaminated, they are far too few to be fished. The population is only 1% of what it needs to be to sustain fishing.

2. Atlantic Bluefin Tuna


Some of the news media has done investigations into Atlantic Bluefin tuna and found that they contain dangerously high levels of mercury. However, they are also approaching extinction and are listed as “critically endangered.”

3. Atlantic Salmon

Both wild and domestic salmon should be avoided from the Atlantic, once again because of population problems. In fact, this salmon is actually illegal to capture. Farmed salmon should also be avoided because of the conditions they are bred and raised in, which is not only cruel, but perpetuates disease, parasite infections and other problems that require fish to be filled with antibiotics and pesticide.

4. Atlantic Cod

Why those in New England who make their living from these fish might fly into a fury at the suggestion of avoiding them, but this species is only one step from being on the endangered list.


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