Bayern Munich Crowned German Champion After Demonstration Of Wolfsburg!!

Bayern Munich crowned German champion after demonstration in Wolfsburg


Bayern Munich was crowned for the 27th time German champion after a demonstration in Wolfsburg (6-0). The fifth consecutive title for the Bavarian giant. Four days after their elimination in the German Cup against Dortmund (2-3), the players of Bayern Munich come to console themselves and in what way.

Carlo Ancelotti’s players are able to win the championship on the lawn of Wolfsburg (6-0): they are officially German champions.

A scenario that took shape earlier in the day. RB Leipzig having failed to beat the penultimate, Ingolstadt, the Bavarian club knew that a success was synonymous with coronation. So, to avoid any missteps, Bayern folded all suspense in barely four-five minutes. The Bavarians did the job by winning the game 6-0.

With ten points ahead of Leipzig in three matches of the term, Bayern thus, on the 31st day, further enriched its impressive record. Sacred for the 27th time in his history German champion, Bayern won the last five Bundesliga, showing that there is a gap between him and his competitors.

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