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Based on the Per Capita GDP; Here’re 10 of the Poorest Countries in Africa in 2018 – World Bank

Every year, Africa dominates the ranking of the poorest countries in the world. It is easier to use GDP (gross domestic product) per capita to determine the status of a country.

GDP is the main indicator of healthy or fragile economies. GDP shows the value of services and goods in dollars, and these goods are produced over a period of time (for example, for a quarter or a year).

The ranking below is based on the per capita GDP provided by the World Bank.

1. Burundi

Burundi is the poorest African country. Its GDP per capita is 285 US dollars. The main activity is agriculture. The production sector is undeveloped, soils are eroding and the civil war has a negative impact on their daily lives.

2. Malawi

Malawi faces problems year after year. The per capita GDP of this country is about US $ 300. The population does not have access to adequate health services, appropriate education. She is mainly involved in agriculture and suffers from many diseases.

3. Niger

Located in West Africa, this country is one of the poorest. Its GDP per capita is about 364 US dollars. The country exports its agricultural products to other underdeveloped countries of the continent, which is why its economy is not developing sufficiently.

4. Mozambique

The 15 years of civil war that ended in 1992 continue to negatively affect the country’s development. Agriculture is the main activity. However, with about 7% of arable land, the sector does not generate the revenues needed to develop the economy. The GDP per capita is 382 US dollars.

5. Central African Republic

The people of this country can not enjoy their natural resources like diamonds and wood. Many years of war, political instability and corruption make development almost impossible. As a result, per capita GDP is slightly above US $ 382.


6. Madagascar

As the country continues to develop its natural resources (agriculture and mining), its economy is not growing as fast. It can not attract foreign investment because of internal political problems. The GDP per capita is about 401 US dollars, and the country is developing its tourism industry to obtain more income.

7. Somalia

It is not surprising that Somalia is in this ranking. Somalia has suffered civil wars for more than 30 years and the country is controlled by a military government. Its economy can not grow and grow because it depends entirely on international funds, livestock and telecommunications. The GDP per capita is about 434 US dollars.

8. The Democratic Republic of Congo

Residents find it difficult to find a job in DR Congo. Although the country has opportunities to develop agriculture, forestry and hunting, it remains one of the continent’s poorest countries with a GDP of about US $ 444 per capita.

9. Liberia

Like many other African countries, Liberia relies on its natural resources in minerals and agriculture. The civil war has resulted in a lack of capital resources, poor infrastructure and political instability. The GDP per capita is about 455 US dollars.

10. The Gambia

Per capita GDP is slightly above US $ 473. The Gambia relies mainly on livestock because its natural resources such as minerals are not enough for the economy to grow and continue to grow. Even though this country is number 10 in this ranking and has the highest GDP of the other 9 countries, it still depends on international donations.


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