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Basani Maluleke, the First Black Woman at the Head of a Bank in South Africa

As of April 1, Basani Maluleke (42) has fully taken up her new position as CEO of African Bank, one of South Africa’s largest retail banks. She becomes the first black woman to run a bank in South Africa.

At only 40 years old, Basani Maluleke has been appointed CEO of African Bank ,effective April 1, 2018. She thus goes back in the history of her country, becoming the first black woman to head a bank in South Africa.


Who is she ?

During her tenure as division manager, Maluleke was responsible for formulating and positioning the division’s growth strategy and restructured the business to bring wealthy clients closer to senior private bankers. She also recruited senior private bankers and oversaw the roll-out of the private client call center.

The appointment of Maluleke to the first position is still subject to the approval of the Reserve Bank, but as her record is good, she should actually become the first black woman in the country to run a bank!


On 3 November 2016, Basani Maluleke receives the honors of Comair’s best businesswoman

On the evening of Thursday, October 27, Emperors Palace once again hosted the Black Business Quarterly Awards, recognizing the men and women who have contributed to reducing inequities and stimulating economic growth, and celebrating the excellence of black entrepreneurs. Among the winners, Basani Maluleke, pictured here with Vusi Zwane, Executive Affairs of Peermont, who was on hand to congratulate her on her achievement. The director of Transcend Capital has received the Comair Outstanding Woman in Busines s award. (Photograph by Yolanda van der Stoep)



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