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Barber Shaves ‘Play’ Icon Into Man’s Hair After Being Shown Paused Video

Most people go to get their hair cut with a specific style in mind. Some even bring a picture as a guide for the stylist to work with – but one guy showed his hairdresser a video of what he wanted, and got a bit very different look to what he expected.

One customer in China was said to have been left with two very closely-cut – as in ‘down to the scalp’ – triangles shaved into his hair after he showed the stylist a video of the look he desired.

Apparently, the barber was a little bit too detail-focused as, without realising what it was, he shaved the paused video’s ‘play’ icon into the man’s hair.

On 30 December, entertainment blogger Tian Xiu Bot posted about the incident on social media, reports the Mail, saying: “There are not so many rigorous hairdressers like this left.”

The post has been shared more than 20,000 times on social media, received over 20,000 comments and over 70,000 likes.

The triangle was shaved into the customer's hair. Credit: Weibo/Tian Xiu Bot

The triangle was shaved into the customer’s hair. Credit: Weibo/Tian Xiu Bot


The barber is reported to have looked at the image before asking the customer if he wanted the triangles kept in.

Not really understanding what the barber meant, the man answered with a ‘yes’ – to be fair, we’ve all been there.

It wasn’t until afterwards that all became clear.

The barber thought the paused clip was what the customer wanted. Credit: Weibo/Tian Xiu Bot

The barber thought the paused clip was what the customer wanted. Credit: Weibo/Tian Xiu Bot

Social media users have been giving their opinions on the video, one person commented: “[The barber] indeed copied the model’s hairstyle in the exact way.”

Another said: “This is a new trending haircut.”

While a third posted: “I watched (the video) three times before realising that was a play button.”

In the barber’s defence, the cut isn’t the most out-there look he could’ve given the customer…

And, you never know, this could be the biggest men’s look to hit the catwalks for spring/summer 2019 – we’ll have to wait and see.


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