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Barack Obama Tells His Years Of Scarcity In New York: “I Had Only One Plate, One Towel”

Barack Obama Tells His Years Of Scarcity In New York

The famous American literary critic Michiko Kakutani met Barack Obama a few days before his departure from the White House. He returned to his younger years as a student in New York.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama dreamed of becoming a writer. His passion for literature was born in his younger years and never left him, as one can read in an interview by Michiko Kakutani published in the magazine  America .

When he was ”  in first or second year college” in  New York, Barack Obama immersed himself in books intensively. ”  I was completely bent on myself,  ” he admits. Before knowing the luxury of the White House, Barack Obama lived in very basic comfort. ”  I had only one plate, one towel, and I bought my clothes in thrift stores  ,” says the former president of the United States.

This period of shortage during which he stunned readings allowed him to refocus on the essentials. ”  It allowed me to rediscover the power of words to understand who I was, what I thought, what I believed, and what really mattered to me  ,” he said.

 I was a very passionate, relatively humorless  ” finally admits predecessor  Donald Trump  has since shown  great talent in derision .

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