Barack Obama Kite-Surfs With Richard Branson in New Photos

Former President Barack Obama unwound from eight years in the White House with some extreme sports on his Caribbean vacation with billionaire friend Richard Branson. New photos show the newly-retired Obama going kite-surfing with Branson during a recent vacation on the Virgin founder’s private island. The worries of the White House are clearly far from Obama’s mind in the pictures – as he horses around with Branson on the boat, smiles widely for the cameras and then catches some air on his kite-surfing board. Scroll down for video New photos show Barack Obama going kite-surfing with friend Richard Branson on the billionaire’s private island Obama and first lady Michelle visited the island for a vacation after moving out of the White House last month The 55-year-old former president may be ‘retired’ now but he’s still fit enough to take in some extreme sports Before strapping into his kite-surfing board, Obama and Branson horsed around on the boat Sixty-six-year-old Branson, the founder of Virgin, got some air when it was his turn to take the kit-surfing board out Following Trump’s inauguration last month, the Obamas first flew to Palm Springs, California, where the president treated himself to a few days of golf and desert air. Then they were off again for Branson’s Necker Island. The couple partied with friends and lazed about the beach for more than a week – a much-deserved break after two terms. The Obamas are now back in Washington, DC after spending more than a week relaxing on Branson’s private island


See photos below:


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