Barack and Michelle Obama Compare Their New Life to That of the White House

Barack and Michelle Obama became ordinary citizens and models after the first left his office as President of the United States after two terms of four years, at the head of the world’s leading power. If he gave way to the controversial Donald Trump, his wife was succeeded by Melanie Trump.

After spending eight years in the White House, the former presidential couple now lives in a house, located a few meters or almost in the same street as the Trump couple. Signing paperwork, conducting meetings, preparing speeches, protocol, closures and more, the eight-year routine is now making way for a normal life.

And the advantage is a much less stressful and more “independent” life, as Michelle so well pointed out in an interview on an American television channel.

Barack_Michelle Obama

Received by presenter Ellen de Generes, Michelle Obama gave some confidences about her new life: “I do not do anything, I wake up when I want to wake up. We are fine. The girls are fine, Barack is working, we have lots of projects going on, we are busy. We travel, we have fun, “she told the talk show host.

Note that Barack Obama had recently talked about his new habits, in an interview with Prince Harry: “I get up later” with “free spirit”, he explained. “It’s a delight to have the opportunity to be the master of your day.” “When I get up, I can make my own decisions, decide how I want to use my time.”



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