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Bankruptcy: 50 Cent responds with humor to the controversy and confirms his business acumen

Yesterday, the rapper 50 Cent announced that he was bankrupt after losing a legal battle to $ 5 million. The news took everyone by surprise. Indeed, the New York Timesdescribed him there like a man in the sense of exceptional business and magazineForbes estimated his fortune at $ 155 million last May .

Lawyers for 50 Cent stated that this bankruptcy allowed 50 Cent to restore order in its finances. But the controversy that followed this announcement did not seem to worry 50 Cent who responded with humor by posting the following photo on his accountInstagram .

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Under the picture, the rapper left the following sentence: ” Times are tough here MDR “(Times are hard out here LMAO).

Although it declared bankruptcy, 50 Cent did not lose the sense of humor, or business acumen. The rapper has just released the silence and tells the magazine Eonline  its strategy:

“I take preventive measures as would anyone who knows business. When you are successful, you become a target. I do not want to become the target to kill. I do not intend to let anyone ask me astronomical sums. “

He added:

“Walt Disney went bankrupt. Donald Trump went bankrupt. It just means that you reorganize your finances and it allows to pause what you want to pause. (…) I have good lawyers. I have no concern. “

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