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Bank Of America Fired A Racist Employee Over Her Insane Facebook Rant About Black People

Don’t you hate when you get screenshot?  Christine Mcmullen Lindgren, a former employee of Bank of America in Atlanta, Georgia probably feels that way today.

Less than 24 hours after an expletive-laced rant was published to her Facebook page, Bank of America says they fired her over the “unacceptable post.”

Christine Mcmullen Lindgren worked as a personal banker at the company according to her page on the social media site. In her rant, she repeatedly used the N-word to refer to African-Americans and commanded that they “go back to Africa.”

Mcmullen Lindgren’s post said:

“I hate face book for this reason you f—ing n—-rs,” she wrote. “F—ing n—-rs go back to Africa get over your pity party you created this hatred and you own kind that brought you r great great parents over here.”

“You created this hatred and your own kind that brought your great great grandparents over here and sold them,” she continues. “Do something with your lives and your children’s lives I’m sure you don’t work collect welfare and teach hatred your poor children all 5 of them you can’t afford because I pay for them.”

Though it is unclear what led Lindgren to write the post, it was met with anger once it went viral. Many users called for Bank of America to terminate Lindgren from her position.

Bank of America tweeted an update on Lindgren’s employment status yesterday.

This Facebook user had her job posted publicly on her account when she posted a racist rant online. (Facebook)

When Facebook users noticed she was listed as a Bank of America employee, thousands publicly directed their comments and complaints to the company’s social media pages.

Thousands of social media users flooded Bank of America's pages with complaints after an employee posted a racist rant. (Facebook)

Thousands of social media users flooded Bank of America’s pages with complaints after an employee posted a racist rant. (Facebook)

Lindgren was fired on Thursday after her employers found out about the post on Wednesday.  Bank of America called the comments “reprehensible.”  Her profile and rant have since been taken down.



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