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BANJUL: The Bodies Of The Assailants Of The Jammeh’s Palace Exhumed!!

A joint police-gendarmerie operation in the Foni region, south-east of Banjul, resulted in the discovery of bodies of victims buried secretly under the former Jammeh regime. They are three people whose bodies were found after two days of research.

The jungulars, former members of the Jammeh militia, helped the investigators find the bodies buried in the Tintiba forest, near a shooting range frequented at the time by relatives Of Jammeh.

The bodies exhumed are undoubtedly those of Lamine Sanneh, Njaga Jagne and Alhagie Jaja Nyass, suspected by Yahya Jammeh of having participated in the coup attempt of December 30, 2014.


“The assailants of Jammeh’s palace officially were killed in the attack, but we have never been able to confirm it,” said the director of police, quoted by Rfi. “We did not have access to their bodies, buried in an unknown place. So we exhumed them to confirm the cause of their death scientifically, “he adds in the daily Vox Populi on Monday.

The three bodies were transported to the Banjul morgue, awaiting the arrival of experts capable of identifying them and defining the causes of their death.

Last month, the body of Solo Sandeng was the first to be exhumed.


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