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Ballon d’Or: Displeased, Luka Modric Slams Former Teammate Ronaldo for His Absence

Luka Modric spoke of the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo saying that “we must show respect”.

“Congratulations, you deserve it,” said Modric before handing the Ballon d’Or trophy to Messi. However, Modric also spoke of Ronaldo’s absence at the ceremony.

Ballon d’or: mécontent, Luka Modric s'en prend à Ronaldo pour son absence

“When you do not win, you have to be there to show respect. Football That’s it. “

The Portuguese, although third in the final standings, was not in Paris Monday night to attend the sixth coronation of his rival Lionel Messi.


This absence displeased his former Croatian teammate, who did not fail to let him know.
Cristiano Ronaldo is customary facts, last year already, he missed the event. This year, the Juventus striker from Turin has called the Serie A gala, which was held in Milan in parallel, to justify his absence.

Questioned after his appearance on stage, Modric evacuated the subject Ronaldo to congratulate Messi, winner “deserving” according to him.

“We are rivals, but above all, there is respect. It’s awesome to see all of your Golden Ball together, it does not seem real. Hat for what he did, we must congratulate him, “added Modric.

Ballon d’or: mécontent, Luka Modric s'en prend à Ronaldo pour son absence

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