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Bald Men Are More Confident And More Attractive – Study.

Researchers who have discovered that bald men are perceived as stronger, larger and dominant, advise them to shave their heads completely.

Does the progressive disappearance of your hair make you lose confidence? You should rather rejoice. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, bald men are perceived as more attractive, confident and dominant.

To reach these conclusions, the research team passed three tests to students, men and women, asking them to classify images of men according to attraction, confidence and dominance. In the first test, bald men were classified as more dominant than their fellows with hair.


In the second test, normal men whose hair was removed using software were perceived as more dominant, taller and stronger than when they had hair. The researchers reported that this effect was largely due to a greater perception of confidence and masculinity.

The third test confirmed these results with non-photographic stimuli and demonstrates how men who naturally lose their hair can improve their personality by shaving their heads completely. So, instead of spending huge sums of money to try to reverse or remedy their hair loss, researchers advise men with baldness to simply shave their heads.

This will give them a more impressive personality and increase their leadership potential.


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