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Baila Ndiaye Is The First Senegalese To Design A Monoplace!! Meet Him….

Baila Ndiaye, 52, is a Senegalese mechanical engineer from the Thies town (70 km from the Senegalese capital). He seduced the canvas with his invention, indeed, his engineering genius allowed him to be the first Senegalese to make a car and the result is just breathtaking.

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To keep pace with this dream that has inspired him since his childhood, Baila Ndiaye, has naturally turned his attention to studies that will later provide him with the right tools to chart a course in the world of motorist design.

Holding a tank C (scientific tank) and a burning desire, a constant tension links him to this sector until the design of this jewel. The masterpiece called “Baila 66” is equipped with a motorcycle motor Bmw k75 and driven by a computer. Also equipped with an ABS brake, direct steering by angle transfer with variable hydraulic assistance, the necessary arsenal that is found in all modern cars. In addition to the 180 km in top speed and agility that defies perfection, this car is a marvel!

Entrepreneurship is an essential bulwark in the process of emergence to which many African countries aspire. The future is written in the ink of determination. It is in this logic that Baila Ndiaye, through her skills wants to participate in making progress. A determination that each African will have to maintain strongly so that the seeds of hope sown in the fields of possibilities, germinate and flourish in a reality conforming to our legitimate aspirations.

“I had to fight against the ignorance of this Africa born in captivity that has lost the taste for freedom and self-esteem,” he said.

A new Africa must fight. A free and prosperous Africa where all Africans can live happily.

“Baila 66” is the fruit of an atypical journey which is inscribed on a blank page as a message of hope. That of a know-how put into practice for the benefit of Africa. An Africa restored in its dignity and honor by the work of its children.

Source: NegroNews

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