Bad Breath: Timing Plus Other Things You’re Not Getting Right When You Brush In The Morning

For some people, this dental routine is just one quickly done and gotten over with in about 5 seconds whereas a dental survey reveals at least two minutes should be spent brushing properly using gentle movements to protect the delicate gum and the gum lines, the crown and the teeth as well as the entire mouth.

Mostly people don’t even take time to brush the tongue too, hence the offensive bad breath you so hate to admit. Little did we know that the food sediments plus murky saliva on the tongue are the major causes of the stench

Brushing should be done correctly for at least 2 mins in the morning

So against brushing in a few seconds and dashing out to face the day, spend at least two minutes in the morning giving a proper brush to your delicate teeth.

Using hard brush ‘injures’ the gum and eventually damages it and when you don’t change your brush often you’re leaving the mouth open to infections apart from the brush not performing optimaly.

BrushingWhen brushing the toothbrush should be at 45 degree angle

When brushing, use short back and forth strokes on the outer surfaces as well as the inner surfaces of the teeth as well as the chewing surfaces to get rid of food stuck on these areas. This helps make sure that food don’t stay on the teeth and eventually cause them to decay/erode the enamel.

Use vertical upward and downward brushing strokes to get rid of food in-between the teeth for thorough cleaning.

So instead of ‘quickie brushing’ go through the different areas of the teeth and brush as should be done. For thorough dental health, make sure to floss daily to remove any food remaining and get rid of bacteria!


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