Be Aware of These Symptoms; The Cause May Be an Ingredient in Our Foods!

Nowadays, we are all concerned about our health. Moreover, with the increased attention for our wellbeing, the list of forbidden foods increases as well, and on the top of the list is gluten. A lot of people believe to be gluten intolerant, but they are not 100 percent sure. So, we have to take into consideration numerous symptoms, and if you experience at least one of the symptoms, it may be due to gluten intolerance.

Digestion problems

Flatulence, gasses or digestion related problems can be a real torture. It is known than in some people gluten irritates the digestive tract. Therefore, excluding gluten from your diet can be the answer for the problem.


You frequently feel Goosebumps? This may be due to gluten presence. Lack of vitamin A and the Goosebumps appear precisely because of gluten, since it blocks the fat absorption in the bowel.



Even though you usually expect to be more energetic after a meal, gluten often times has the opposite effect in some people. Actually, people who experience difficulties to digest the sugars in the gluten, will surely notice a serious decrease in energy after eating foods which contain gluten.

Autoimmune diseases

If you struggle with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus or scleroderma, this may lead to further issue-gluten intolerance, since suffering from these diseases usually causes an irregular digestion of gluten.


While the absorption of gluten influences the level of energy in the body, you may also experience vertigo after a meal. Gluten can cause problems related to the brain, among which is vertigo in some people, and this may be an early sign of problems with the nervous system.

Hormone misbalance

Have you ever felt the impossibility of controlling your own mood swings? This may be a result of gluten intolerance. Actually, gluten may sometimes be the reason behind hormonal misbalance as well as PMS and infertility.


A lot of people are familiar with this type of ache, and what’s more, migraine is often closely related to gluten intolerance.

Chronic fatigue

Slow digestion and body function caused by gluten intolerance can lead to chronic fatigue.

Inflammations and swellings

The sensitivity to gluten frequently leads to digestion problems which cause the swelling. Therefore, exclude the gluten ingredients from your nutrition and you will feel much better!



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