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Award-winning Ghanaian Afrobeats Star Fuse ODG to Launch Line of Dolls Inspired by ‘Historical Black Women From Africa’

Afrobeat star Fuse ODG has added to his incredible list of achievements after announcing he will release a line of dolls inspired by “historical black women from Africa”.

The Nana Dolls, released on December 15, “represents power, bravery, confidence and many other attributes that the younger generation need to know that they already possess,” he said.

The MOBO Award-winning artist, who developed the movement This Is New Africa (TINA), which aims to showcase the Africa he knows and loves – a vibrant and self-sufficient continent, said in a statement:

“OK SO… We present to you NANA [email protected] We’ve been working on this for a while..a way to educate our young children about their history in a fun way.



“This is inspired by historical black women from Africa. It’s very important how our younger generation see themselves. Nana means Queen or King and these dolls represent power, bravery, confidence, leaders and many great atrributes that the younger generation need to know that they already possess.”

Fuse, a British artist of Ghanaian descent, encouraged fans to order one of the dolls, which will be available worldwide, for family members over the festive season.


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