Avoidance Of “State House” & The Presidential Plane, “Confiscation” Of Vice President House: President Barrow Fears To Be Reached, Mystically, By Jammeh?

It is not known whether it is by dint of meeting his Senegalese counterpart that he has finished or not by bite him, but the Gambian President, Adama Barrow, shares with Macky Sall, a bizarre fact that keeps all its share of a ” unusual.

Indeed, as much the successor of Me Abdoulaye Wade remained, for a long time, without joining the Presidential Palace, after his change of service, preferring, every day, to leave his residence of “Window Mermoz”, to go to work at the Palace and Late in the evening, Adama Barrow refuses, until today, to return to the “State House” (Presidential Palace).Is it for fear of being mystically reached by his predecessor, Yahya Jammeh? You know … In any case, the new strongman of Banjul does not seem to have the morale necessary to cross the gates of the “State House”.

The evidence, almost 3 months after his swearing in Dakar and his investiture celebrated with great pomp in Banjul on 18 February, the President of Gambia has not yet deposited his suitcases at the State House.

According to sources from, after spending months in a Gambian hotel, at the expense of the taxpayer, Adama Barrow finally regained, a few days ago, the Residence of the Vice President, Fatumata Tambajang Jaalo . And the latter, forced to empty the premises, spun the keys of his house of function to the successor of the former dictator.

Situated not far from the Palace of the Republic, this haven of peace is, for the moment, waiting for the ” clearance ” of the Palace, where the President of the Gambia expels day affairs of his country. Under the protective wing of the elements of the Micega.

It is here that all state files are dealt with. And where, throughout the day, his closest collaborators find him for work sessions.

But it is not only the presidential palace that Adama Barrow sulks. To the extent that, according to the sources of, Yaya Jammeh’s grave ” ignores “, to this day, the plane of Presidential Command of The Gambia.

If his African peers do not lend him a plane, it is on a private jet that Barrow travels

It is his counterparts in Africa who lend him the flying craft for his travel abroad,” said another source close to the Senegalese Presidency. Moreover, ” the delay noted in the arrival in Dakar of the Gambian President, during his first official visit abroad at the beginning of March, is due to this odd one “.

According to, Adama Barrow, who was traveling to Congo-Brazzaville on Friday, at the invitation of His Excellency Denis Sassou Nguesso, to strengthen relations between the two countries, had embarked on a jet Private partnership, which is not owned by The Gambia.

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