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Average Salary in Morocco: The Public Sector Pays Better Than The Private Sector – Report

A recent report on the Moroccan labor market points to wage disparities between public and private enterprises.

Moroccan wages rose by 1.6% in 2017, according to the latest employment figures published in the 2017 activity report of Bank Al Maghrib, the country’s central bank. In the Kingdom of the Sharif, the average gross wage for all employees in the formal sector is now 5 129 dirhams per month (about 466 euros). But large disparities remain between private and public sector workers.

Minimum wages

At a minimum, the liberal professions and employees of private companies in industry and commerce can expect to receive 2,799 dirhams per month (254 euros). In agriculture, this salary peaks at only 1,813 dirhams per month (164 euros).


For their part, employees of public companies are guaranteed a minimum monthly net salary of 3,000 dirhams per month (around 272 euros). Better still, the average gross salary in the public sector is 9,338 dirhams and has increased annually by 4,5% since 2000. What push Moroccans to want to integrate public companies such as OCP, the Onee or the ONCF.

Underemployment and precariousness

Moroccan jobseekers are turning to the public, because the sector also guarantees other benefits such as health coverage and a pension contribution system. These points are far from negligible since according to the figures of the study, 77.5% of the active population in employment does not benefit from any health coverage and 79% is not affiliated to any pension system. At the same time, 67.7% of Moroccan working people consider themselves to be underemployed, that is to say they consider themselves to be overqualified or underpaid for the position they occupy.

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