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Austria Wants to Deny Asylum to All Migrants Arriving in Europe With the Help of Smugglers

Austria has unveiled a plan to deny asylum to all migrants arriving in Europe by offering the services of smugglers. According to Vienna, they would be favored over those who can not afford it.

Austrian Interior Minister Herbert Kickl, a member of the Freedom Party (FPO), lifted the veil at the end of December on the government’s lines of thinking aimed at responding to the influx of migrants.Read also

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

“Defending sovereignty”: Austria will not sign the UN compact on migration


Vienna wants to introduce a major change in the way it deals with the issue, automatically denying asylum to all migrants arriving in Europe with the help of smugglers. Herbert Kickl hopes that the parliament will be able to amend the law to include this directive, arguing, in statements reported by the Daily Mail , that the Austrian migration policy “must go in this direction”.

According to the minister, such a provision would make it possible to fight against a system that he considers unfair, since migrants who are able to pay a smuggler are more likely to obtain asylum than those who can not afford it.

The idea is also not new in the Austrian executive, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, leader of the Austrian People’s Party (OVP), having already alluded to it in the past. “It’s not the poor who are fleeing, but those who can afford human traffickers,” he said, quoted by the Daily Mail .


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