Why Australian Man Sent $200 Weekly To Unemployed Ghanaian Man

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A kind white man from Australia has sponsored an unemployed Ghanaian young man to set up his own business by sending $200 every single week.


According to a report, the Australian man is called David. John indicated that he was having a normal day full of hardship when a friend request came to him on Facebook from the kindhearted Australian man.

Reason for the $200 Weekly Stipend 

The two new friends started getting along quite well after having several chats and John opened up to David about the hardships he has been facing in life.


He mentioned:

“The surprising part is that he sent me a friend request and I accepted him. We started talking. During that period I was going through financial difficulties. I told him what I was going through and he offered to help me.”

John also explained that he has now been able to start his own business and it is doing very well.


Currently, David the good Samaritan from Australia has stopped sending John the weekly stipend because the Ghanaian’s business has now been fully established and he asked the white man to stop the kind gesture.

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