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Australian Football Players Dress in Blackface to Mock Serena and Venus Williams

Several Australian football players dressed up in blackface and mocked tennis stars Serena andVenus Williams in a so-called “Mad Monday” celebration.

Just one week after an Australian cartoonist mocked Serena with a racist and sexist caricature with exaggerated features, Kenyan-born Australian Rules Football (AFL) club player Aliir Aliir and two others dressed up and smiled for offensive pics with dark skin and wigs.


“Some Australians still have no clue what is considered racist,” Twitter user Francis Gonzalez tweeted. “This Mad Monday “costume” is clearly racist. And I’m a person who is fed up with today’s over-the-top political correctness.”

The AFL Tasmania told the HuffPost that it vehemently disapproved of the behavior. 


“We will be working with the league and club to get more information and to see how we can assist in providing education for the players,” CEO Trisha Squires said. 

The players have since apologized for the racist photo mocking the greatest tennis players in the world. The league has vowed to enact strategies “to ensure that this completely unacceptable behavior never happens again.”

Venus and Serena seem to constantly have to endure hate coming their way from racists.

Recently, The Herald Sun, the Australian newspaper whose racist caricature of Serena Williams set off shockwaves around the world, insists that not only is the clearly racist drawing is not racist, but that people pointing out the obvious historical connections between that drawing and the Little Black Sambo cartoons from a century ago, are simply “making it up.”

Mark Knight, the cartoonist who drew the racist cartoon, said the online hate he received was “unfair” and claims that as the cartoon was about Williams’ argument with the line umpire during her the U.S. Open final loss to Naomi Osaka.

“I drew this cartoon Sunday night after seeing the US Open final and seeing the world’s best tennis player have a tantrum and thought that was interesting,” Knight said in an online response to the backlash posted on the newspaper’s site. “The cartoon about Serena is about her poor behavior on the day, not about race. The world has just gone crazy.”

No, white folks have.


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