Australia Jails An African Student Caught With $10m Worth Of Drugs

Government prosecutors say ice with an expected estimation of about $10 million, which a Nigerian-man imported to Canberra in elaborate brilliant fish statues, could have had “disastrous results” if sold on the streets

Legal advisors for Jackson Igwebuike, 34, concurred he went about as just a student when he acknowledged conveyance of around 8.47 grams of unadulterated ice before he endeavored to board a Murrays transport to Sydney with the medications in his pack.

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An ACT Supreme Court jury found him guilty of importing a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug in August. Igwebuike was caught in a police sting after Australian Border Force officers intercepted packages destined for Canberra in October 2015.

His trial heard the drugs were discovered when three 20 kilogram statues that arrived in a shipping crate from China were X-rayed by officers at Port Botany on October 8.

Inside one statue of a fish they found 43 packages that contained a combined total of 10.58 kilograms of methamphetamine. Igwebuike had gone to Australia to study at the University of Canberra.

He worked in the kitchen at the territory’s jail and used his income to make phone calls to his large family, including his wife, in Nigeria. He could be deported when released, the court heard. He will be sentenced on October 25.


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