AU Leaders Hope For Mutual Respect And Shared Values Under Joe Biden’s Administration

The African Union (AU) has welcomed Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris’ victory in the US elections.

The Chairperson of the AU commission Moussa Faki Mahammat says the continent is hoping for a new and stronger US-Africa relationship under Joe Biden’s leadership.

The AU leaders are hoping for mutual respect and shared values with the new leadership of the United States. Countries of the Intergovernmental Authority For Development have also welcomed Joe Biden’s victory with the hope that the US will channel more priority to the region’s biggest challenge of insecurity.

Biden, whom some African leaders have called: Friend of Africa, visited the continent in 2010. He visited South Africa, Egypt and Kenya.

Outgoing US President Donald Trump never visited Africa; his priorities were also reduced towards the continent.


He cut down US resources towards violent extremist operations in the Sahel region and other parts of the continent. His immigrant visa ban and immigration policy reduced opportunities for Africans who wanted to migrate to the United States.

Trump led the United States out of the Paris Agreement on Climate change. This was a disappointment to the continent since the US, one of the big emitters of carbon, reduced its commitment to owning up to the effect of climate change that is directly affecting Africa.

His careless remarks, like calling African countries shithole countries, saying Egypt would blow up Ethiopia’s dam, attracted much criticism from the continent.

Civil society on the continent hopes Biden will denounce African leaders violating human rights like former President Barack Obama did when he visited Africa.

They are hoping that under Biden, the US will return repealed funds for humanitarian activities to ensure refugees and their host countries in the continent are well supported.



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