AU-EU Summit: This Is Why President Ouattara Did Not Welcome Macron At The Airport

The French President Emmanuel Macron, who took part in the 5th summit of the African Union-European Union in Abidjan, was greeted at the Félix Houphouët-Boigny airport by Ivorian Vice President Daniel Kablan Duncan.

This fact quickly flooded the canvas. On various social networks, many have said that Alassane Ouattara wanted to empty an old litigation by shining by its absence.


Indeed, visiting France recently, the Ivorian head of state was greeted on his descent by one of Macron’s ministers.


“It’s a replica of a young president a little too pretentious,” commented several netizens, especially after the slap of Macron to Rock Kaboré, President Burkinabe.

Far from these suppositions, sources close to the Ivorian Presidency claim that the Elysee was informed of the protocol of reception because Ouattara could not be present for all.

“All the ministers have been requisitioned for this summit. We were divided into small groups and each group was to host delegations. There are presidents who have been welcomed by ministers (…) Even if Ouattara welcomed in person Macron, we would find fault. Anyway, we can not prevent people from interpreting the situations, “said a protocol official Alassane Ouattara in the columns of a newspaper.

From concordant sources, there is no quarrel between the two men, hence the will of the two heads of state to strengthen the axis Abidjan-Paris as evidenced by the launch ceremony of the work of the metro line of Abidjan this 30th of November.


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