AU Chairman Urges African Leaders to Cut Ties with France

Guinea’s president, who also serves as African Union (AU) chairman, has called on African countries to “cut the umbilical chord with France” so as to initiate the continent’s development.

Speaking at the 12th International Salon of Agriculture, held in Morocco’s northern city of Meknes late Monday, Alpha Conde harshly criticized western countries — singling out France in particular — for what he described as their policy of interfering in African domestic affairs, Anadolu Agency reported.

“Western countries should no longer dictate what we should do,” he said, going on to assert: “Africa must define its own path to development.”


“No one should decide for Africa,” he said. “It is true that there are universal principles governing democracy, but it is important to allow African countries adapt these principles to their conditions.”

Referring to the experiences of certain Asian countries, Conde said that Southeast Asia — especially Malaysia — had managed to develop themselves far from any western interference.“We no longer want this interference,” which, he declared, “has given rise to the Somalization of Libya and the insecurity in the Sahel [region of north Africa].”

Since assuming the AU chairmanship in January, the Guinean president has reiterated calls for the emancipation of African countries from perceived foreign influence.

At a conference held last month in Abidjan devoted to the emergence of Africa, Conde repeated calls to “cut the umbilical chord with France”.

Like many West African states, Guinea did not achieve independence from France until the second half of the 20th century.


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  1. Not just France but all the colonial terror states, but you can not do much without cutting the worst of them all British. But the problem is the sick stooges that those colonial terror state have in power all over Africa that will now be used to eliminate this man for calling for that freedom!
    We can hint Africans that they must wake up to support Biafra restoration to be sure of quick freedom for Africa with sustainable development. No Biafra, Africa will remain in bondage for long.!

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