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At Last; President Mugabe Defies Allies And Opposition, Promises To Run For Another Term!!

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe challenged members of the opposition Friday by promising that he would run for the next election. It was at a rally in Lupane, about 600 kilometers southwest of Harare, aimed at bringing together the youth who will support him in next year’s elections.

This is Mugabe’s first speech after his return from Singapore. Mugabe did not comment on his state of health in his speech. He simply attacked the opposition, saying they have nothing to offer the Zimbabweans.


Speaking to the members of his party, La Zanu PF, Mugabe said, “I want to say to those of us who are leaders, look at what young people can do,” No conflict between them. They are united. Completely united. They could not achieve this without unity. No backbiting »

Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe since 1980, will be 94 years old but does not seem ready to drop the presidency. But Jacob Mafume, a spokesman for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), led by former finance minister Tendai Biti, said Mugabe had been in power for too long.

“There is no road without potholes in Zimbabwe, there is no water, there is no electricity,” he said. The withdrawal of money is a calvary. There is no money, the economy is not working. It is a symbol of failure ”

All these statements do not shake him hard because Mugabe is a decided man and will do everything to achieve his objective despite his health.

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