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AT LAST: A Cure Has Been Discovered For Sickle Cell

Many who have abandoned their marriage because of this sickness had wished the cure came earlier.

Oover five million sickle cell patients in Nigeria and other African countries can now heave a sigh of relief as the University of Ibadan in partnership with the University of Illinois, Chicago, USA and University of Loyola, Chicago have discovered a permanent cure for the terminal disease.

The cure of the deadly disease
According to the Professor of Medicine, Victor Gordeuk, who is the Director, Sickle Cell Centre, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA and his colleagues, Prof. Damiano Rondelli, also from the same university and Prof. Bamidele Tayo, University of Loyola, Chicago this new treatment is done through bone marrow transplant and that it is less risky.

This was revealed at the University College Hospital, Ibadan after a three-day brainstorming session with other experts in the teaching hospital.

Unlike the other conventional method of stem cell transplant which exposes patients to radiation which could cause cancer, first blood and marrow stem cell transplant, BMT, is much more effective.

The experts who were flanked by the Chief Medical Director, UCH, Prof. Temitope Alonge, Dr. Titilola Akingbola, an haematologist and Dr. Foluke Fasola, said this stem cell transplant is a standard procedure for the treatment of many blood cancers in both adult and children.

He said: “With this chemotherapy-free transplant, we are curing adults with sickle cell disease, and we see that their quality of life improves fast within just one month of the transplant.

“About 90% of the approximately 450 patients who have received stem cell transplants for sickle cell disease have been children. Chemotherapy has been considered too risky for adult patients, who are often more weakened than children by the disease.

“Adults with sickle cell disease can now be cured without chemotherapy — the main barrier that has stood in the way for them for so long. Our data provide more support that this therapy is safe and effective and prevents patients from living shortened lives, condemned to pain and progressive complications.”

“In the new procedure, patients receive immuno-suppressive drugs just before the transplant, along with a very low dose of total body irradiation, a treatment much less harsh and with fewer potentially serious side effects than chemotherapy.”

“Donor cells from a healthy and tissue-matched sibling are transfused into the patient. Stem cells from the donor produce healthy new blood cells in the patient, eventually in sufficient quantity to eliminate symptoms. In many cases, sickle cells can no longer be detected. Patients must continue to take immunosuppressant drugs for at least a year.”


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  1. Now people need to step up and become donors, without donors the cure will be limited to a very few who can find a suitable match.

  2. Where and how do I get in touch with you? Have a 6yrs old bright daughter living with sickle cell. Is it only a sibling that can donate? What’s the cost involved. How long after the procedure can a patient get back to normal life? Pls get back to me via email ?. Thanks.

  3. This is good news! We must celebrate these wonderful medics, researchers, fund providers, etc. God bless your great souls. Amen and Amen.

  4. Dear sir / Madam,
    I have an 11 year old daughter who is schedulled to have a BMT some time in June 2016. The ability to have this procedure without going through the use of chemotharapy is very welcome to here. I would like to get some more information on the sickle cell BMT without using chemothrapy. I would also like to get details on the costs involved, hospital details and the doctors that carry out the procedure

    Thanking you

    David Nsiyona
    +256 704 00 66 00

  5. I remember a young girl Cynthia who was so fond of me. She was an orphan but died of sickle cell. How I wish a cure had existed then. RIP

  6. Please I have relatives and friends who have SCD..kindly help to provide details of the Hopitals where this treatment is given. This will complete this article. May God bless the group who made this possible.

  7. I have a 25 year old son living with SCD. Had two major crisis and the last one was terrible. Had 18 pints of blood. He was later placed on Erythropoetin injection. Please send the address and cost involved. So that I can laugh and have rest of mind.

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