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At 90, This Senegalese Writer Cheikh Hamidou Kane Wants to Make a Film

In an interview conducted by our colleagues from LeMonde. Fr, the Senegalese author of “The Ambiguous Adventure”, 90, announces his ambitious projects. Although his hearing and visual acuity has weakened, the author intends to trace the history of the empire of Mali.

“I’m working on a project that has been close to my heart for a while. I want to trace the epic of the empire of Mali founded by Soundjata Keïta. She gave birth to the Mandé charter. I would like to remind this page of history to African youth and the world. I gathered around the project artists like Youssou Ndour, intellectuals, writers, traditional griots from the space of the former empire of Mali, “he said.

Along with the project to return to history, Cheikh Hamidou Kane plans to make a new experience in cinema.

“I want to make an animated film with special effects to illustrate the mystical world of Emperor Soundjata Keita. According to tradition, he had magical powers like the gift of ubiquity. He could be in several places at the same time. I saw a few films, most recently Black Panther , that made me think that it was feasible, “he added.


The interview also allowed the author to provide wise counsel to African youth. For him, “young people must quickly seize this subject. They must fight to create an autonomous geopolitical and economic area south of the Sahara. And to impose on current leaders who do not understand that their powers are, as Senghor said when he fought against balkanization, “only toys and lollipops”. What weight can the continent have in the world economy if it is divided, fragmented? “, He advised before saying that Africa is the continent richest in natural resources that the whole needs of the planet.

“If there was a common authority to manage oil resources, for example, Africa would have more weight on the international stage,” he concluded.

Authors biography

In his fifty-seven-year career, the Senegalese writer has only published two novels – The Ambiguous Adventure, in 1961, and The Guardians of the Temple, in 1995 – which have become classics, translated into a dozen or so languages ​​and written in the curriculum of many schools and universities. They recount the malaise of African elites disoriented by French colonization. Born in 1928 in Matam, on the banks of the Senegal River, Cheikh Hamidou Kane crossed the contemporary history of the continent, marked by questions and identity torments.


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