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Assassination of Thomas Sankara: France Declassifies a First Batch of Archives in Burkina Faso


A little over a year ago, French President Emmanuel Macron promised in Burkina Faso to make available archival documents as part of the investigation into the death of President Thomas Sankara in 1987. Now , it’s done !

France has forwarded these declassified archival documents – documents and hearings of persons within the framework of the International Rogatory Commission – to the Burkinabè justice system through diplomatic channels on 9 November.

The investigating judge in charge of the Thomas Sankara case, proceeds to classify the documents. It is a question of listing all the documents or documents received, classifying them and assigning them numbers in order to make their operation easy. A tedious job that will take time.

A second batch must then be sent to Burkina Faso in the coming weeks.

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