Assad: “Macron, Shut Up Your Dirty Mouth. Whoever Supports Terrorism Has No Right To Speak Of Peace”

The tone continues to rise between France and Syria. Abdel Bari Atwan, editor-in-chief of  Rai al-Youm  , looks at the passing of arms between Emmanuel Macron and Bashar al-Assad, which comes after the failure of the last negotiations in Geneva.

Sunday’s declaration of the French president was to be taken with tweezers: he felt that the war in Syria against Daesh would be “won by mid, end of February,” recognizing the victory of his Syrian counterpart and the need of the international community to negotiate with him at the end of the conflict. The next day, the Syrian president had proclaimed:

“France has been the standard bearer of support for terrorism in Syria since the first days of the conflict. She is not in a position to give an assessment of a peace conference. The supporter of terrorism has no right to speak of peace and does not even have the right to interfere in Syrian affairs. “

Emmanuel Macron brandishes the white flag and recognizes the victory of the axis Russia-Syria-Iran and the American failure in Syria. France is now seeking to open channels of dialogue with the government of Damascus and wants to involve its companies in the reconstruction of the country to appropriate a piece of the cake. “Bashar al-Assad will be there, it will speak with him and his representatives,” said Macron, in an interview broadcast on December 12 on France 2.

Assad is in a strong position. Hence the pecking and his desire for the withdrawal of the delegation of Syrian negotiators, led by Bashar al-Jafaari, the eighth round of the Geneva talks that have fizzled. The reason for this fiasco is the refusal of direct negotiations between the representatives of the Damascus government and the opposition delegation, unless it cancels the demand for Bashar al-Assad’s withdrawal of the power formulated before his departure. Riyadh.

During a meeting in Geneva with a Russian economic delegation, the Syrian president said that the opposition group did not represent any part of the Syrian population.


Western countries including France, under the aegis of the United States, lends a hand to terrorism and increases violence in Syria. When they were hit hard by terrorism, they changed their policies and prioritized the fight against terrorism.

The month of February will undoubtedly be a defining month in the Syrian conflict. Macron predicts the end of Daesh and the reestablishment of contact with the Assad government. In addition, the Congress for the National Dialogue in Syria has been postponed until February and will be held in Sochi, Russia. The initiative of the Congress belongs to Vladimir Putin, who put forward the idea of ​​a congress gathering all the ethnic and religious groups of Syria as part of a process of reconstruction of the country, and replacing the Geneva Conference.

“An Egyptian colleague married a Syrian woman. They returned from a trip to Syria where they visited Damascus, Aleppo, Homs and Latakia. He told me that in these cities there was calm and stability, and especially emphasized that life had returned to normal. The inhabitants, especially in Aleppo, took the personal initiative of renovating their own city. They are mostly refugees who have returned home or are preparing for their return, “he told me.

“I have often heard the same comments from friends or acquaintances who have gone to Syria. Some were, at the beginning of the crisis, fierce opponents of the government of Assad, “reports Atwan in his article.

Syria, like Lebanon or Ireland, does not scare its population. The connection between the people and their country is very strong and it will not be surprising to see a wave of immigration of Syrian refugees.

Bashar al-Assad hastened to go to Sochi for the National Congress. The meeting should lead to the establishment of a constitutional commission and the adoption of new resolutions. This will mark a new and different start for democracy, understanding, fraternity, coexistence and the sovereignty of the Constitution.

“The valiant people of Syria who have suffered massacres, exile and destruction deserve a stable, healthy life in perfect harmony with their dignity and freedom. The future will tell us … God is great, ”


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