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Asli Hassan Abade: First African Woman Air Force Pilot In History Of Africa And Middle East


Asli Hassan Abade was the first African woman pilot on the entire continent of Africa and the Middle East. She is a military leader, civil activist, and pilot for the Somali Air Force. She was the first and only female pilot in the Somali Air Force up until this point (SAF).


She was residing in the American state of Texas as of October 2009. From 1976 until the end of 1992, when Somalia’s civil conflict eventually destroyed the country, Asli served as a pilot with the Somali air force, where she was well-liked.

Abade solo-piloted her first flight on 9 September 1976.


Abade ran a peace campaign in the middle of the 2000s, urging legislators to band together and put an end to the protracted civil war in her native Somalia.


She apparently commanded the respect of everyone there at every important political event she attended while decked out in the colors of the Somali flag.

She was given the moniker Calansida in recognition of her contributions to the reconciliation process that took place in nearby Arta, Djibouti, which resulted in the foundation of the Transitional Federal Government (“The Flag-bearer”).




Due to her military background, Abade describes herself as a “patriot” and “strong lady.”


Born in 1958, Asli grew up with her parents and nine siblings in a house near to Mogadishu airport. She believes that a childhood spent watching planes take off and land developed her ambition to become a pilot.


Asli Hassan Abade’s previous active years in the military included her dropping off medical supplies to local Somali communities who needed resources during the country’s hardships with famine. Her passion for flying is breaking boundaries for Arabic and African women, who may look towards controlling aircraft as their lifelong dreams.


The port city of Mogadishu where Asli Hassan Abade was born is known to being one of the most populated cities in Somalia. The Islamic city is a vital region to the country’s economy, where goods and gold are traded between other nations.


Asli Hassan Abade is inspiring younger generations of future female African pilots and since she is the only female pilot in her homeland, she is the leading example of what an African female pilot looks like.


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