Tips On How To Ask For A Raise At Work With Confidence

Approaching your boss about anything, positive or negative, can be extremely daunting, especially when you’re not sure of the outcome. So if you’re in a position where you feel you deserve a raise, but don’t know how to bring it up, we’re here to help.

Ziva Meditation founder Emily Fletcher, who also created the world’s first online meditation training, zivaMIND, has shared her top advice on how to ask for a raise with confidence.

So how does she suggest you begin? “We don’t get what we want; we get what we negotiate,” she said, according to Mind Body Green. “If you go into your boss’s office with a mindset of ‘I am valuable,’ you will likely have a much better outcome than if you go in with a mindset of ‘I’m not enough.’ People respond to nonverbal cues, so by cultivating an air of confidence and calmness you will set yourself up for a more successful interaction before you even open your mouth.”

Once you’ve mastered the right mindset, she suggests viewing the situation as a conversation rather than a request. So rather than waiting for a yes or no response from your boss, take the time to explain your accomplishments and how you feel you should best be compensated.


“If you receive a negative response, take the opportunity to negotiate and advocate for yourself,” Emily recommends.

Before going straight in with your proposal, it’s best to practise your conversation with someone who can embody your employer. Tell them to be ready to disagree and don’t hold back on making comments, so you can be prepared for the worst. This will allow you to calmly and effectively come up with a response that will result in the outcome you desire, and with several different run-throughs you’ll be ready for whatever could come.

Another important part of this process is being open to what’s offered, Emily stressed. If you go in with a set idea or number in mind, that will come across during the chat with your boss and the less willing you are to budge, the less empathetic they will be to your needs. Overall, aim for a positive result, and you may end up coming out with more than you bargained for.

Lastly, Emily notes you should embrace your fear and not let it hold you back. “When you recognise that your beliefs about how much you deserve actually affect how much you receive, you’re better able to enter the situation with confidence and a sense of worthiness – which ultimately leads to a better result,” she explained.


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