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Asians Become The 44th Tribe In Kenya ‘The Makonde Tribe’- President Kenyatta

The Kenyan Asian community’s wish to be recognized as the country’s 44th ethnic community has been granted by the government.

All persons, bodies and authorities within the Republic of Kenya shall recognize the community of Kenyans of Asian heritage as being Kenya ‘ s 44th tribe, said President Kenyatta.



The Kenyan Asian community becomes the latest to be recognized as a Kenyan tribe following the recognition of the Makonde in Kwale as the country’s 43rd community.

While lodging their appeal early this year, the Kenyan Asian community said they had made the decision they have exercised their duty as citizens citing the significant roles they have played in various sectors of the economy.

“Our diversity and sense of togetherness in good and bad times have clearly reflected our steady socio-economic development, not just in East and Central Africa but in the rest of the continent,”Mother’s Lap Foundation executive director Farah Manzoor said at the time.


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