Ashkenazi Jew: The Black Is The Slowest Of Mind, But He Does Not Practice The Group Of Economy

Interviewer: Why Black is so behind economically?

Ashkenazi Jew, not only the Black is the slowest of mind, but he does not practice the Group economy. The only economic aspect that includes Black is consumption. He does not understand the importance of wealth creation. The basic rule is to keep your money in your racial group. We create Jewish businesses, rent Jew, Jew spend and buy Jewish. There is nothing wrong with that. But it is a basic rule that Black can not understand and apply. He kills his brother Black daily for crack and heroin or due to play the gangster instead of wanting the good of his brother. 93% of blacks in America are killed by other blacks. Statistics show that money passes between Jews 18 Jewish hands before leaving the community. Money Black should probably go through one another up black. Only 6% of its money back into the community. Thus the Jews are up and that blacks are the last step of each level of each company. Less than 1% of blacks create businesses in America and there is an inverse correlation with the percentage of the prison population is 51%, despite only that blacks represent only 13% of the total US population.

Interviewer: the purchasing power of Black America is 1,000,100,000,000.00 billion. $ 100 billion more than the total GDP of Africa 1 billion) and is expected to reach 1,700,000,000,000.00 billion in 2017, according to an analysis of economic experts. But what could the Black with 1,000,100,000,000.00 billion a year?

Ashkenazi Jew: Blacks in American diaspora?

Interviewer: Yes


Ashkenazi Jew: Well, instead of buying Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Crystal (companies that could influence policy at its expense and also are not big fans of the Black). It could industrialize the whole of Africa, build national banks, get rid of the majority of banks and colonial institutions on the continent by putting them into bankruptcy. That would make room for economic growth in Africa. It could keep more of its resources while at selling at market price, with no obligation to sell the rights. It could significantly reduce poverty, become self-years count on the help of the European Union. He could build a nuclear arsenal for a united Africa, investing in infrastructure, educational institutions, scientific research and technological innovations to its advantage. With 1,000,100,000,000.00 billion, the Black could quickly catalyze the rise of Africa to become a world power.

Interviewer: What are your thoughts on the Black notable failures for 150 years?

Ashkenazi Jew: Well, nothing is ever the fault of the Black. His compulsive tendency to kill his family, his compulsive consumption of food.Its inability to create businesses and preserving wealth are usually the fault of someone else.

Interviewer: What can the Black to free itself from its economic situation?

Ashkenazi Jew: The Black must take responsibility. Blacks must unite. They must create companies, they must invest in their own institutions and infrastructure. they must keep the money in their community and they must learn to control their own means of production.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time.

Ashkenazi Jew: With pleasure.

mock interview translated by the team Ojal


Written by MT

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  1. What this idiot fails to report is that in the US Blacks are prevented from really making progress and are racially profiled and denied all the right that are due to them because of their minority status. America is one of the most racist places on earth.

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